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Our Story...

           First off, we would like to thank all of our customers, family and friends who has supported our local business! Here is our story: 

          Dating back to the 50's, crabbing and fishing has been an ongoing "career" in our family. There are 3 Generations of Crabbers and Fisherman in our family. My brother, Wayne Penn Twiford III, has been crabbing since he was a youngin'. Wayne now supports his own family and his black lab Hunter. As years went by, Wayne has been very successful with the crabbing business and sells to many different markets, and has an even bigger vessel: a 24ft Privateer. I mentioned how he has a black lab named Hunter, Hunter ain't your average black lab, Hunter is Wayne's first mate. He might not be the best, and he might sleep all day long, but keeping Wayne company is what he does best! From dusk 'til dawn they ride the horizon 'til every pot has been pulled and/or checked. This is not only Wayne's story, but a way of life. 

           Our goal at Corolla Blue Crabs is the bridge the gap between local Currituck NC Waterman and the vistiors enjoying the Currituck Outer Banks (Corolla). A tremendous disconnect has developed over the years between the fresh crabs and fish caught in our backyard, and the seafood sold on the beaches of Corolla.  The Outer Banks has some of the best Crabbing and Fishing in the world, why not take advantage of that while you and your family are here?

            We will be selling fresh, off the boat, Currituck Sound Blue Crabs caught that day, and will try to do so at the best price possible by picking up your crabs from Wayne and bringing them directly to you with a travelling fee. We will also be selling Fresh NC Gulfstream Tuna / Wahoo / Dolphin / Cobia and more when we catch it. Our promise is that we will tell you EXACTLY when your Crabs and Fish were caught, where they were caught, and the name of the local Fisherman who caught them!!! 



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